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My passion is writing books for children that educate on personal and social issues, and books about dogs.  I also enjoy helping people record their memoirs.  There's more information throughout the site, and I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter, so that I can let you know of any new releases.

Thanks for visiting.  Gina Dawson

Latest Books

We Can Deal With Bullying!

Bullying is serious and potentially has a lasting impact. Young people may feel afraid or ashamed and may even believe they are in some way responsible or helpless to stop it.We Can Deal with Bullying! debunks these beliefs. The gentle and supportive text encourages young people to ask for help, maintain self-esteem, develop resilience, manage their reactions and stand united with others against bullying.

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Next Door’s Dog is a Therapy Dog

The Dog Next Door is a Therapy Dog is the third book about working dogs by Gina Dawson, each written to educate children about the various roles that working dogs have in modern society, the difference they make to people’s lives and the importance of having the right dog on the job.

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Next Door’s Dog Goes to School

Next Door’s Dog Goes to School is a Picture book that provides age appropriate information for children. Grace wants to be able to do all the things that other children do, including going to school. Now, because she has Roxie, she can do just that! If Grace needs help, Roxie knows how to alert an adult and keep Grace safe. Ella lives next door to Grace and they are good friends. Ella knows how important Roxie is, but other children at school haven’t seen a Service Dog before and have lots of questions. So the class spends the day learning about the skills Roxie has and why Grace needs her.

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So That’s How I Began!

So That’s How I Began! is a book to have on hand from the moment a child begins asking questions. Children are curious about the world around them and how they came into it earlier than ever before, so it is very important that they can get accurate and honest answers to their questions from a trusted adult.  It explains modern day families, body parts, natural and assisted conception, pregnancy and birth.

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Latest News

Highlight of visit to a children’s centre

26 January 2020

Last year I visited numerous schools, kindergartens and children’s centres and spoke with children from age four to sixteen about the writing books, being an author, the process of how books are made and my love of reading.

Recently I received a lovely photograph from a centre that I visited, along with an email from the centre director, Jenny.   Jenny explained that it was a highlight […]

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We Can Deal With Bullying! March 2020 release

5 December 2019

For some time now I’ve been receiving requests from schools to write a book about bullying.   It’s such an important topic in our community, so after a year of research and writing I feel pleased to have produced what I hope is an uplifting, motivational yet practical book for young people to read, in schools or at home.

In the same conversational style as my previous […]

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New Release: Next Door’s Dog is a Therapy Dog

25 November 2019

I’m pleased to announce that the release date of Next Door’s Dog is a Therapy Dog is January 4th, 2020.   I’m also very humbled by the huge amount of interest this book has generated.   Therapy Dogs are much loved and play such a valuable role in today’s society, and I’m thrilled to be able to share the story of Monty the spaniel and the wonderful […]

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Two new releases in January 2020

9 August 2019

January 2020 will bring the release of two new titles.

We are keeping things under wraps for the time being, but without giving too much away, the first of these is another in the Next Door’s Dog series, bringing the series to three, and is again beautifully illustrated by Vivienne da Silva.

The other title is a hot topic in schools and we expect to be able […]

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So That’s What’s Happening! released in paperback

7 July 2019

The demand for 2018 release So That’s What’s Happening! has been consistently strong, so much so that the title sold out!   Publisher New Holland took the decision to reprint in a high quality paperback edition.   This was released in June.

I am thrilled with the response to So That’s What’s Happening!  with some schools purchasing multiple copies of the title so that there are plenty available […]

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Trip to rural schools in June

30 June 2019

In June I decided to escape the city for a few days and breathe the country air.   An offer of student workshops in a rural region was met with an excellent response, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent speaking and working with primary and high school students in a range of schools.

I was made very welcome by teachers and students, and met some […]

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Two latest titles released internationally in May

7 May 2019

May is an exciting month as both So That’s How I Began! and Next Door’s Dog Goes to School are released on the international market.

Amazon, USA along with many international booksellers are stocking the titles, and based on the sales in to date we are optimistic both will do very well.

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Visit to Belair Primary School

6 May 2019

On May 6th, I visited Belair Primary School to have “Meet an Author” sessions with eighty students. Many students showed a keen interest in writing and in particular the process from start to finish in creating a picture book and putting in a publisher submission.

Afterwards, interested students were invited to return for an optional question session. The highlight of the morning was that so many […]

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