Next Door’s Dog Goes to School

Written by Gina Dawson.
Illustrated by Vivenne da Silva.

Next Door’s Dog Goes to School is a Picture book that provides age appropriate information for children.

Grace wants to be able to do all the things that other children do, including going to school. Now, because she has Roxie, she can do just that! If Grace needs help, Roxie knows how to alert an adult and keep Grace safe.

Ella lives next door to Grace and they are good friends. Ella knows how important Roxie is, but other children at school haven’t seen a Service Dog before and have lots of questions. So the class spends the day learning about the skills Roxie has and why Grace needs her.

They also learn that Service Dogs have many jobs and come in all shapes and sizes, about independence and privacy, and that the way people look does not always tell the whole story.

Written in a sensitive and friendly style and beautifully illustrated, Next Door’s Dog Goes to School addresses the fact that Service Dogs are becoming more prevalent in our society, and serve a variety of roles. Chances are that many children will encounter a Medical Response or other type of Service Dog in their school in the future, assisting either child or adult, and therefore it is essential that they understand and respect the important jobs that these dogs do.

Next Door’s Dog Goes to School can be read simply as a story of one girl and her dog, or may be used as a tool to educate children generally or specifically about these human-and-dog teams.

As a companion book to Next Door’s Dog Has A Job or as a book in its own right, Next Door’s Dog Goes to School is an important part of any school or pre-school library.




Next Door's Dog Goes To School
Soft Cover
Number of Pages
New Holland Publishers
Publication Date
3 September 2021
Country of Publication
Dimensions (cm)
25.4 x 25.4

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