Reggie the Rescue Dog

February 2023 release. Available for immediate dispatch.

Written by Gina Dawson.
Illustrated by Bima Perera.

Angus and Elsa have moved house, and finally they have time and space for a dog! The family adopt a rescue dog to give her a second chance. But do they really know how much work is involved in training and caring for a rescue dog, and winning back her trust?

With every family member pitching in, Reggie slowly changes from a sad and frightened dog to a friendly, well-mannered family member. Then one day it’s Reggie’s turn to rescue someone and make the family proud and happy.

A beautifully illustrated and heart-warming story, Reggie the Rescue Dog is about responsibility, commitment, making good choices and enjoying the benefits that wonderful dogs can give us.

Reader age: 3+


Reggie the Rescue Dog
Number of Pages
New Holland Publishers
Publication Date
31 January 2023
Country of Publication
Dimensions (cm)
25 x 25 cm

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