So That’s What’s Happening!

Written by Gina Dawson.
Illustrated by Alex Mankiewicz.

As children begin puberty younger than ever before, some as young as 8 years old, So That’s What’s Happening! is a book that provides accurate, fun & age appropriate information about the changes which lie ahead. Suitable for boys and girls of any age, it presents an excellent introduction to puberty for the younger reader as well as the late starter.

So That’s What’s Happening! covers the physical changes of puberty including why people change from child to adult, when & how the changes begin, hormones, changes to body shapes and sizes for boys and girls, growing hair, changing voices, hygiene, pimples, the male and female reproductive systems and how they work, internal body changes, eggs, sperm and how they meet, periods, erections, wet dreams, keeping healthy, moods, feelings, choices and even getting along with parents.

Illustrations (by Alex Mankiewicz) are appealing, easily understood and fun whilst the text is positive and reassuring. The book provides the groundwork to a positive attitude and understanding of the basics, which can be built on in the future with more diverse teenage books when appropriate.

So That’s What’s Happening! is a warm, relaxed and all-inclusive book that children will love and adults will be comfortable with. Throughout is the message that everyone is unique – and that’s okay



So That's What's Happening!
Number of Pages
New Holland Publishers
Publication Date
7 January 2018
Country of Publication
Dimensions (cm)
1.0 x 24.6 x 21.7

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