With a Dog’s Love

Clever dogs helping humans

Written by Gina Dawson.

Every dog that is loved and cared for makes a difference to our lives. They make good mates. They make us laugh. They keep us healthy and supply endless cuddles. Their love is unconditional, and they never judge us. They ask for little in return, kindness, a comfy bed, exercise and regular meals. And love. With a dog at your side, you have an amazing friend.

But some dogs do a little bit more. They aren’t always dogs who make the front-page news with heroics. Instead, they quietly and willingly do their best to help humans in a variety of ways. This book contains sixteen heart-warming true stories about dogs, some devotedly helping one human, while others touch the lives of many.

Every dog has a unique story. Light-hearted dogs, serious minded dogs, big dogs, little dogs, every dog in this book has a unique personality and an entertaining story that provides a glimpse of their life and the job they do. And look for the twist in the tale – sometimes dogs need a hand as well.

The stories of these incredibly special dogs are compiled in this easy to read, sensitively written book, complete with photographs. The stories celebrate the strong bond between dog and human and the amazing impact dogs can have on our lives.

Inspirational, educational and uplifting stories for the young reader about the dogs who are the quiet heroes.





With a Dog's Love
Number of Pages
New Holland Publishers
Publication Date
7 September 2021
Country of Publication
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24.0 x 18.0 cm

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