Next Door’s Dog is a Therapy Dog

Written by Gina Dawson.
Illustrated by Vivenne da Silva.

Leah lives next door to Nan. Every week Nan and her dog Monty visit sick people in hospital. Today Leah is going too.

Monty is a friendly dog who likes cuddles, unlike Leah’s dog Samson. Nan explains that Monty goes visiting to help people feel better, but Leah doesn’t really understand how – until she sees it for herself!

At the hospital Leah looks on while Monty makes people laugh, remember, learn, feel comforted and make plans to get well. She sees that Monty is very special, but she also learns that Samson is special too, because Samson has a different job – he keeps Leah safe.

Next Door’s Dog is a Therapy Dog is the third book about working dogs by Gina Dawson, each written to educate children about the various roles that working dogs have in modern society, the difference they make to people’s lives and the importance of having the right dog on the job.

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Number of Pages
New Holland Publishers
Publication Date
4 January 2020
Country of Publication
Dimensions (cm)
25.5 x 25.5

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