We Can Deal With Bullying!

Written by Gina Dawson
Illustrated by Kate Bouman

Bullying is serious and potentially has a lasting impact. Young people may feel afraid or ashamed and may even believe they are in some way responsible or helpless to stop it.

We Can Deal with Bullying! debunks these beliefs. The gentle and supportive text encourages young people to ask for help, maintain self-esteem, develop resilience, manage their reactions and stand united with others against bullying.

We Can Deal With Bullying! is unique in style. Unlike many, which are fictional accounts of bullying or textbooks, We Can Deal With Bullying! is friendly and conversational. It has been deliberately written in a way that makes it easy for the young person to read, or for adults to read aloud. The language is straightforward and therefore more easily understood by children through a range of reading levels.

Showing different perspectives, We Can Deal with Bullying! exposes bullying for what it really is – all about the bully. Young people can learn to turn the blame back onto the bully and hold their heads high, reassured that whatever the outcome there is life after bullying.

Suitable for any age, We Can Deal with Bullying! is an important read for all young people and its versatile style ensures it is suited to the classroom or home library. Written by former teacher and counsellor Gina Dawson, it is uplifting, motivational and positive throughout.


We Can Deal With Bullying!
Number of Pages
New Holland Publishers
Publication Date
28 February 2020
Country of Publication
Dimensions (cm)
24.0 x 18.0 cm

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