About Gina

Gina spent her childhood and teenage years riding horses, helping at a horse stable and doing lots of reading and writing.  She submitted a manuscript to a publisher at age fourteen and was invited in for a chat.   Whilst the manuscript needed work, the freely given feedback and encouragement by the publisher to continue writing was never forgotten.

Life intervened and Gina later qualified and worked as a teacher before changing careers, undertaking further study and working in the fields of business management, counselling and writing.

A life-long lover and trainer of dogs, Gina has almost always had a canine companion at her side.   She is cognizant of the disability sector and has a particular interest in the roles that dogs play throughout society.  Gina went onto study and she now holds a Certificate of Dog Psychology, Behaviour and Training.   She enjoys working with people and dogs, either online or in person, to assist and resolve behavioural problems.

Later in her working life Gina returned to the education sector as a presenter of life-skills programs relating to social issues to students and family groups.  She retired from teaching in 2012 and now pursues her love of writing and working with dogs.

When not writing children’s manuscripts, Gina enjoys entering writing competitions, and her award winning short stories and poetry have been published in anthologies and magazines.

Gina currently works part-time offering various writing related services as detailed on this site, along with dog related services.   She also volunteers as a writer for a local charity, as well as for an Assistance Dog organisation in other roles.

When she is not researching, writing, presenting in schools and libraries, working with dogs or dreaming up new ideas, Gina writes memoirs for adults, along with the occasional short story.   Outside of writing she has a diverse range of interests and a long bucket list.   She lives with husband Jim and her dynamic dog, Kiera.

Her twelfth and thirteenth books were released by New Holland Publishers in January 2023.