Letters and reviews for the Next Door’s Dog Books

I am always thrilled to receive emails and letters from people who have purchased books. Some recent ones are below.


Your books arrived today – I’ve just read them and they are lovely. I’m sure our students will enjoy them and try to relate them to our school dog, Coco.
Library Officer
Halidon Primary School


Hi Gina
Your awesome books have just been sent to our school, Kingsley park Primary School for purchasing. I LOVE them, we just have a Therapy dog at our school so have come in super handy. (I am also promoting them with the crew I trained the dog with!!!! I did say I LOVE them)
Can you please send me one more of each as a personal order?
Many thanks
School Principal


I have just read your 2nd book about Assistance Dogs.
Gina, I can only give you the highest praise for promoting the cause of people and assistance dogs.
I hope a third book will happen over time. You have the ability to impact on lives. Not everyone gets that opportunity. Keep up the good work.


Gina, your ‘Next Door’s Dog’ series is an absolute must in any library collection! As we strive for inclusion for all, these books provide education for our students, highlighting diversity and promoting inclusion within the school and the community.
Library Officer,
Tuart Rise Primary School


Gina, thanks to you for making it easier for our little ones to understand and pass on this knowledge.
Whisky’s Wish


A really useful, well written and well-illustrated book which gives children and their adult’s insight into the training and use of special needs dogs. This book gives readers an insight into the disabled and their assistant dogs.


"Next door's dog has a job” by Gina Dawson is a beautifully written story that educates young children of the important role service dogs play in our community. I am a pre-school teacher and when I read it to a group of 4 year old children they were very interested in the story. It certainly helped them develop an understanding of the difference between their own pet dogs and a dog that has been specially trained for a job. A credit to both the author and illustrator. I highly recommend this book
Pre-school teacher.


A lovely Booktopia review from a person unknown to me:

Everyone, not only children, is who I'd love to read this book. I love that the assistance dog handler (note the book does use the American equivalent - service dog) has an INVISIBLE disability, and that this concept is covered gently and without being invasive. Also fantastic that many breeds of dog and different vest colours are illustrated, as the days when only Labradors were assistance dogs has long past. Excellent teaching of etiquette, and I also love that the welfare of the dog being so important to handlers is covered too. I rely on an assistance dog and know too well unfortunately the battles and difficulties we face out in public because so many are unaware of the things gently explained in this book.