Little girl’s Book Week Costume Has the Internet in Tears


My daughter wanted to go as a princess to Book Week.

She is four so naturally I could see why that was the best option in her little head to dress up like a princess for the day, but we challenged her to think about it and empowered her to think beyond the female stereotypes.

Instead she picked a book called Next Door’s Dog Has a Job, by Gina Dawson.

It was given to her by her aunty who has an assistance dog.

Before we left the house my daughter cried her eyes out because at the last minute she decided she wanted to be a princess because all the other girls would be pretty today and not her.

After she cried for 15 minutes and I cried for 15 minutes I called my sister and asked her if she could talk to my daughter to settle her on the phone.

Without a second thought my sister jumped in the car and drove an hour to meet us at the day care with her special dog Thaddeus, which I am so grateful for as I know some days just leaving the house is hard.

My sister put Thaddeus’ service vest on and took both of them into the classroom and read all the children the book...

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