Next Door’s Dog is a Veteran’s Dog released April 7th

There have been a few hold-ups, with Christmas, shipping delays, restrictions and more, but I’m thrilled to say that Next Door’s Dog is a Veteran’s Dog is about to hit the bookshelves.

Again, a huge thank you to the kindergartens, schools, libraries, RSL and other veteran organisations and individuals who have supported, ordered or spread the word about this title.

The fourth in the Next Door’s Dog series, Next Door’s Dog is a Veteran’s Dog is in durable hardcover, and beautifully and accurately illustrated by Vivienne da Silva.

I very much appreciate the lovely emails I’ve received in response to this book release.  It feels very satisfying to know that the book will be used not just as a story of Veteran Joe and his dog, but as a tool to educate children about the very important topics of mental health, invisible disability and the invaluable role that Assistance Dogs play.