We Can Deal With Bullying! March 2020 release

For some time now I’ve been receiving requests from schools to write a book about bullying.   It’s such an important topic in our community, so after a year of research and writing I feel pleased to have produced what I hope is an uplifting, motivational yet practical book for young people to read, in schools or at home.

In the same conversational style as my previous books aimed at this age range, We Can Deal With Bullying! aims at guiding young people along the path of asking for help, maintaining self-esteem, managing their reactions, standing united with friends and classmates and making safe, healthy and active choices.

Illustrator Kate Bouman has done a fantastic job of illustrations and the New Holland Publishers design team have presented the book so well,

This title will suit the classroom, school or family library, so I hope you’ll take a look and as always your feedback is very welcome.