With a Dog’s Love

With a Dog’s Love, Clever Dogs Helping Humans is due for release in September 2021. This hardcover book, aimed at older children and teenagers but getting a lot of interest from adults as well, is a compilation of sixteen true stories about dogs that make a difference to one or many humans. Containing lovely photographs, With a Dog’s Love has been described as both inspirational and educational, as several of the dogs help humans in ways that many would not have considered.

Thank you so much to the hundreds of people who shared stories of their dogs and a particular thank you for the sixteen stories that were chosen for this book. Each contributor has been so generous with their time in providing photographs, information and stories, and for giving me free licence to adapt stories to suit publication for our young readers.

We all look forward to seeing With a Dog’s Love on people’s bookshelves in September. Who knows, if it sells well there may be a sequel one day! Please feel free to pre-order your copy now. Individuals can order through this website and schools and organisations please contact me for an order form.


With a Dog's Love